About Us

Elite Collection Services LLC was started in 2012 and created for the purpose of collecting past due accounts for Multi-Family & Single-Family Property Management Companies & Landlords. In 2019, Elite Collection Services LLC was converted to Elite Recovery Group LLC.

With tenure in the collections industry, Elite has developed a systematic approach for collecting debts from consumers and recovering lost revenue for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to change and continually provide satisfactory results which to us, is exceeding far above industry standard expectations while following local, state and federal collection laws.

Our agency understands the collection industry and we know our clients expect results.

What sets us apart from other agencies?  Elite separates itself by processing and working each account thoroughly and attempting to work with consumers on an individual case by case scenario. We do not have a set and done criteria for balances and understand that every account is unique and different. We possess the ability to work with consumers in a firm and professional manner while abiding by FDCPA guidelines that govern our industry.

Finally, we know that trust with clients is built through transparency, integrity and follow through. Elite has a proven track record of providing superior customer service, follow ups, reports and results and we are grateful that our clients entrust our agency with their collection needs.